CS80 Intro to Internet Programming - David Morgan
Santa Monica College



Submittal folder 6/20

Assgt 2 - ftp 6/20

Assgt 3 - Ch 1 6/25

Assgt 4- Ch 3 6/25

Assgt 5- Ch 4 6/27

Assgt 6- Ch 8/9 7/2

Assgt 7- Ch 10/11 7/9

Assgt 8- Ch 12 7/11

Assgt 9- Ch 13 7/16

Assgt 10- Ch 14 7/19

Assgt 11- cgi - 7/24


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Event-based OS concepts

SUMMER 2001 6/18/01 7/27/01

Sec 4055 5:30 - 9:50pm MW Rm106

This Website (http://homepage.smc.edu/morgan_david/)  will be used extensively to communicate with you. Announcements, grade reports, and assignments will be posted here. Please access the website from any SMC computer lab. Alternatively, it can be viewed from an internet-connected browser anywhere. You are responsible for awareness of the information posted here. 12/30/00

Final Grades - posted. This is the final version of the grades as they have been posted regularly during the course of the semester. For the letter grades recorded by the school, see below. These may not be available from the school yet. 7/30

Students may receive their grades by phone at the end of each term, by calling (310)434-4333 from a touch-tone phone, providing the six-digit SMC identification number and six-digit birth date. As soon as grades are available, they are accessible to the student. The system does not provide interim grades before end-of-term.

Also, students may see transcripts on the SMC website. Go to www.smc.edu, click Admissions (top left), and then click Student Self-service System. Respond to the login screen (student ID and date of birth as the password in MMDDYY form).

Grades - posted 4pm Thursday 7/26. These include the last assignment and final test but are "not quite final" grades. Last pickup of material from zeus took place at 2:15pm Thursday 7/26. Any further submittals (processing of which, at this point, remains possible but is unguaranteed) would have to come to me by email or ftp to sputnik. 7/26

Events - events and event processing underlie all programs in event-based GUI operating systems like Windows, mac OS, and the X Window System. If you want a good grasp of where these things lie and how they work, down in the operating system's boiler room, optionally read the first chapter of Charles Petzold's classic book "Programming Windows" (link at lower left entitled "Event-based OS concepts"). It's 40 pages and concentrated, but illuminating when you understand it. I plan to summarize it in class. 7/9

Assignment 11
- due on sputnik end of (midnight) Tuesday, 7/24. 7/20

Assignment 10 - due on sputnik end of (midnight) Thursday, July 19. 7/15

Assignment 9 - due on zeus by 10pm Monday, July 16. 7/13

Assignment 7 - due on sputnik* by 10pm Monday, July 9 (not July 5).
Ex 10.18 - running a triple loop from 1 to 500 may be beyond the capacity of your system. If so you may use the same algorithm with a lesser maximum value (such as 50). 7/8
Assignment 8 - due on zeus by 10pm Wednesday, July 11 (not July 9).

*you'll upload assgt 7 to sputnik because the holiday will complicate access to zeus for many. You must follow a special procedure (different than your earlier sputnik upload). The procedure is outlined in the assignment write-up.

Powerpoint Files - for the textbook can be downloaded from http://www.deitel.com/books/iw3htpepowerpt.htm

"Echo back my HTML form inputs" from sputnik - we saw the service from a Cornell University server at http://www.ee.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~wes/pq
In class we placed a virtually equivalent script on sputnik. It's name is boomerang.pl
As the "ACTION=" attribute of an htmo <FORM> tag you can give either the above URL to get feedback from Cornell, or http://sputnik.smc.edu/cgi-bin/boomerang.pl to get it from sputnik. 7/1

Your new "public_html" directory on sputnik - notice the directory named "public_html" in your home directory on sputnik. Namely, if your username is Smith then this directory's full name is /home/Smith/public_html. It is publicly web browsable. While you know it as /home/Smith/public_html, browsers on the internet connect to it synonymously via the URL http://sputnik.smc.edu/~Smith/. So if you put an HTML file named mypage.html into that directory (e.g., by ftp) then people can browse it normally via the URL http://sputnik.smc.edu/~Smith/mypage.html. Try it with a simple file (compose in Notepad, transfer with ftp, view with your browser). 6/24

Sputnik accounts - Your user name is your last name of record on my SMC computer printout, CAPITALIZED. The Unix world is very case sensitive. So if your lastname is Morgan your username is spelled "Morgan" not "morgan". Your password is the 1st 4 digits of your student id number. 7/2

New sputnik accounts Wednesday night - added for tonight's new students, except three who have not given me a desired password (Zomorodi, Lane, Eshraghi). If you would contact me by email with a desired password I will set up your account.
Alla Kolerova - your username is Kolerovaa
Natalia Kolerova - your username is Kolerovan; I used the password you gave, all letters upper case 6/20


Eniac - 1946

Milestone in the history of computation