Assignment - Chapters 10 (control structures), 11 (functions)

What: a single zip file (containing the 4 html files that make up the assignment). Name the file <your-lastname-of-record> Use lowercase for your lastname. So for example if your lastname is Smith, name your file
Where to put the zip file: to put the file in the right place, you must log in to ftp as user anonymous not as yourself. That is, please avoid using the username you have been given when you login to sputnik using ftp. Instead, when prompted for a login name, give "anonymous" or the equivalent "ftp". When asked for a password, give your email address. Once logged in you will see a subdirectory named "incoming". Change to that directory (in ws_ftp click on the "incoming" folder; or in character mode ftp give the command "cd incoming"). Now that you've selected "incoming" as your target directory, proceed to upload your zip file. (The purpose is for me to receive all students' work in a single place rather than scattered among many separate home directories.) The contents of the "incoming" directory will be invisible. It will show no files, even when files are present. When you upload, therefore, you will not get visual confirmation of success by looking for the file in the remote directory. Pay attention to the status messages issued by your ftp client to get the satisfaction that transfer has been successfully completed. Or, try transferring again and if your file is already there you will get a "cannot overwrite" message, indirectly confirming its presence.


p. 330, Exercise 10.8; table of factorials from 1 to 5; save as ex10_08.html.

p. 332, Exercise 10.18; Pythagorean Triples; save as ex10_18.html.

p. 381, Exercise 11.17; Display as solid square of asterisks ex11_17.html.

p. 382, Exercise 11.21; Convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures; save as  ex11_21.html.

(The above 4 files make up the assignment. They are the ones to combine into a single zip file as described above.)