Placing your submittal folder on the zeus server

Put your subfolder in my Student Submittal folder for your class on the Zeus server. To do so, create an empty folder on a floppy diskette (My Computer/Floppy A:/File/New/Folder). Name it, using the same last name by which you are registered for this class. You may apply the name right at the time the new folder is freshly created, or later. If later, do it by selecting the folder (just click on it, it'll turn blue), then use the menu's File/Rename.

After it has been created put your folder into my Student Submittal folder at SMC. Your folder will become a "subfolder" of my folder. Go to a computer at SMC. Put your floppy in the drive. Open it in My Computer. Then also open my Student Submittal folder. Do so by clicking the Start button, then Run. Type in the folder to open, which is \\zeus\data\morgan_david\cs80. Now you have 2 folders open on your desktop, each in its own window. Drag the subfolder that has your last name from the one window to the other and drop it there. I will record as a small part of your grade whether your folder appears in the subdirectory by the time due. At or after that time, I will make a copy of the \\zeus\data\morgan_david directory on a Zip drive and carry it home with me to grade. Your folder must be there by that time in order to get credit for it.

Be sure to follow this 2-step procedure of first preparing everything on a floppy, and only then copying the final product to the server. The server is restricted. You cannot delete anything from it, you cannot rename things on it. Therefore, don't try to create your assignment in-place on the server. Do it on the floppy instead, then transfer it as a finished product when done.

Getting an account

In order to do the above, you must have an account at SMC. Such accounts are available for currently enrolled students. You can get one at the Computer Lab (room B231, near our classroom). There are some computers along the opposite (west) wall as you enter the door. They have a desktop icon that says "Get Password Here." These will take you to a page where you enter your student id, name, and birthdate. The computer verifies that you are currently enrolled then dispenses a username and password combination for you to use. (The page is