Assignment - Chapter 1 exercises

Three exercises from the book's Chapter 1

What: you will produce a single file containing responses to the lettered items in the 2 exercises. Put responses one per line. Use Notepad. Use no other editor. Name the file "lab1" using only lowercase letters. If Notepad changes the name to "lab1.txt" you manually rename it to "lab1" only. If you don't it won't be recognized by the program that will try to grade it. (Consequently it won't get graded and its score will remain zero.) As the number of items is 10 in exercise 1.6 and 14 in exercise 1.7 there are a total of 24 items. Therefore your "lab1" file should contain 24 lines.
BE SURE to place your answer for each of the 30 items on a separate line, and on each line to put both the letter of the item and thereafter your response written using lowercase letters. Your answers will be graded by a program. The program will rely on your following these instructions. So it would not give credit, for example, to placement of item number and corresponding response on separate lines, or response before item number on the line. (Programs are unforgiving things.)

Where to put file lab1: placement of the "lab1" file must be in your home directory on Please put it there as you have learned to do using ftp.


p. 35, Exercise 1.6  

p. 35, Exercise 1.7