CS80 - Introduction to Internet Programming



David Morgan


SUMMER 2001 – 6/18/01 – 7/2701

Sec 4055 5:30-9:50pm MW Rm106





Upon completion of this course the student will at a minimum be able to:






Course Particulars





CS3 - Introduction to Computer Systems




Required Textbooks


Internet and World Wide Web: How to Program, by Deitel et. al., Prentice-Hall, 2000 http://www.deitel.com/







Catalog Description


This introductory programming course teaches the fundamentals of programming with Internet/Web markup languages (such as HTML, Dynamic HTML, and XML) and scripting languages (such as JavaScript and VBScript). The course offers a thorough treatment of programming concepts, with programs that yield visible or audible results in Web pages and Web-based applications. Effective Web page design, server- and client-side scripting, ActiveX controls, and the essentials of electronic commerce are also examined.


Grading guidelines – I prefer to weight examinations versus classwork such that they contribute to the final grade in proportions such as 40/60 or 45/55 respectively. A, B, C, and D threshholds are around 90, 80, 70, and 60 percent. These percentages are approximate. Grade determination is not exclusively numeric and is at my final discretion.


Website – http://homepage.smc.edu/morgan_david/  I will make extensive use of this website to communicate with you. You are responsible for awareness of the information posted there, e.g., announcements, grade reports, assignments. Access the website from any SMC computer lab, or an internet-connected browser anywhere.


Assignment Submittal

A. folder \\zeus\data\morgan_david\  - you will some submit assignments into this folder. It is located on a server computer at the College. Each of you must create in it a subfolder bearing your last name (as listed in College enrollment records). Within that, in turn, you will create further subfolders to hold individual assigned projects. You will “copy” finished assignments into the folder. Unlike the website this folder is not accessible from off-campus.

B. ftp account – for other assignments you will have an account on sputnik.smc.edu, a computer on the internet to which you can connect using an ftp (file transfer protocol) program. An ftp program lets you move files onto sputnik.smc.edu from your computer remotely, if your computer is internet-connected from anywhere.


Cheating – results in automatic zero on the affected work and automatic issue of an Academic Dishonesty Report Form. The Form enters your record along with regular grades to indicate your dishonesty. I am exerting an honest effort to contribute to your education for your benefit. If you intend to repay it with deception drop the class.


Makeup work – Assignments: accepted after due date only at my discretion. Makeup tests: will not be given. If exactly one test is missed, at the end of the semester I may assign it a score equal to the average of your other tests, minus 10 penalty points (one letter grade). If more than one test is missed they will remain as zeros. Tests will not be dropped. If the final exam is missed you will not pass the course.


Missing assignments – far more mathematically damaging to an average than poor assignments. “D” or “F” is worth 50 or 60 points; “missing” assignment is worth 0. F is far better than zero. Turn in something rather than nothing.


Drop policy - be sure to formally drop the class if you decide to stop participating in it. Though I try to drop students whose continued participation is in doubt on the school’s prescribed drop dates (and web-post names), don't rely on it. Leaving yourself officially enrolled without submitting the required work results in an F. Please protect your academic record by dropping if you don't participate, and participating if you don't drop.


Absence – affects your grade. While the usual formula for calculating final grades has no arithmetic “absence factor,” absence affects grades two ways. Occasional absence limits your class awareness and subject-matter knowledge, which expresses itself in your work. And for chronic absence I will reduce the final calculated grade at my discretion (usually by one letter). If you enroll please attend; if you don’t attend please don’t enroll.


To reach me outside class:


·        subject matter questions: use Virtual Office Hours at http://voh.smc.edu

·        personal issues: send email to dmorgan@telocity.com

·        leave messages or materials at the post office in the Liberal Arts (LA) building, room #102. Label your envelope with my name and ask the staff there to put it in my mailbox. I usually pick up mail once or twice a week.