Assignment - Use ftp to Transfer a File to

Get a little fluent in ftp, it's a staple. Please read these notes about using ftp. (The notes describe file transfer to another computer, named, but are otherwise analagously applicable to transferring to any other target such as Then download a certain file to your computer using ftp. Use one of the ftp client programs described in the notes. (Consider downloading and installing one on your computer. Many are free.) After you download the target file to your computer upload it from your computer, using ftp again, to your assignments directory on sputnik. The file is at That's the computer to tell ftp to connect with. On that computer you will see the file /pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/LILO-crash-rescue-HOWTO. That's the one I want you to get. Make sure that the software that gets it for you doesn't alter its name in the process in any way.

I'll look for this file in your home directory on It will be programatically compared with my own downloaded copy of it. If they match you get credit while if they don't, you don't.