Grade Thresholds

To earn the final grade in the left column, your cumulative average must reach at least the corresponding threshold value. Threshold values are shown in bold.


A A+ 98.18
A 94.54
A- 90.00
B B+ 87.23
B 83.63
B- 80.00
C C+ 76.36
C 72.73
C- 70.00
D D+ 65.45
D 61.82
D- 58.18
F 0


Note - numeric average is not the ultimate determinant of your course grade. I grade the result of your learning experience at my discretion, relying on your numeric averages plus other factors I judge reflective. Attendance, dishonesty, attitude-- along with tests and classwork-- can influence your grade.

Santa Monica College records only whole-letter grades, without pluses or minuses. The grade that appears on web-posted grade reports is usually a rounded one. The unrounded grade is the real one. A posted grade of 90 for example might indicate either B or A, depending if the real grade were below 90 (e.g., 89.9) or above it (e.g., 90.1).