CS3 Introduction to Computer Systems
David Morgan
Santa Monica College
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Binary numbers

Number systems

ASCII chart
 version 1
 version 2
Foreign "ASCII"
Foreign keyboard

CPU Registers

A CPU instruction

Slide presentations

Shelley textbook
Chapter 1 Intro
Ch 2

programming languages


Sec 1764 online

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Chapter titles and numbering
of our textbook
1 Introduction
2 The Internet
3 Computers and Mobile Devices
4 Programs and Apps
5 Digital Safety and Security
6 Computing components: inside computers and devices
7 Input and Output
8 Digital Storage
9 Operating Systems
10 Communications and Networks
11 Information and Data Management
12 Information Systems and Enterprise Computing  

What is tele?
  what is tele-phone? (what does "phone" mean?)
  what is tele-vision" (what does "vision" mean?)
  what is tele-graph? (what does "graph" mean?)
  what is tele-port? (what does "port" mean?)
  what is tele-cast? (what does "cast" mean?)
Encoding - when the telegraph was invented, how did they use it to send letters of the alphabet?
 when the computer and network were invented, how did they use them to send letters of the alphabet? 

Computer privacy - it ain't nobody's business, unless you say it ain't so:

Didn't Mark Twain say that "everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it?"  Today, "everybody talks about privacy, but nobody pauses over terms and conditions."

Textbooks and materials 
Please see syllabus, at link entitled "Syllabus" at upper left.

First general-purpose digital computer Eniac, and its original quite specific purpose. 

Where it all began
 Boelter 3420  
 UCLA professor Kleinrock (say "thank you") on starting the internet  

Low-end mini 1985 - RX405 by Rexon Business Machines, Culver City. 

Homework -initial homework  is to obtain the textbook (identified in the syllabus, link at left) and view/listen to several internet resources listed on the Canvas page for this class.

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"What hath God wrought?"
May 24, 1844

"Mr. Watson come here, I want to see you."
March 10, 1876

October 29, 1969