Course-long textbook reading - based on Sixth Edition. Where a chapter is assigned to be read, these are the chapter portions you should read.

Reading portions of textbook for you to read
Part I Introductory
Chapters 1* Introduction and Overview all
Chapter 2* Internet Trends all
Chapter 3* Internet Applications and Network Programming 3.1-12, 3.13-22
Chapter 4 Traditional Internet Applications 4.1-4.10 (web)
4.12-4.15 (mail)
4.17-4.25 (name)
Part II Data Communication Basics
Chapter 5* Overview of Data Communications all
Chapter 6* Information Sources and Signals 6.1-17
Chapter 7* Transmission Media 7.1-10,7.19
Chapter 8* Reliability and Channel Coding 8.1-7,8.12
Chapter 9 Transmission Modes
Chapter 10 Modulation and Modems
Chapter 11 Multiplexing and Demultiplexing (Channelization)
Chapter 12* Access and Interconnection Technologies 12.1-19
Part III Packet-switching/Network Technologies
Chapter 13* Local Area Networks: Packets, Frames, and Topologies 13.1-12
Chapter 14 The IEEE MAC Sub-layer
Chapter 15* Wired LAN Technology (Ethernet and 802.3) all
Chapter 16 Wireless Networking Technologies 16.1-5, 16.8-10, 16.12, 16.15-16
Chapter 17 LAN Extensions: Fiber Modems, Repeaters, Bridges, Switches 17.1, 17.4-7, 17.9
Chapter 18 WAN Technologies and Dynamic Routing
Chapter 19 Networking Technologies Past and Present
Part IV Internetworking
Chapter 20* Internetworking Concepts all
Chapter 21* IP: Internet Addressing all
Chapter 22* Datagram Forwarding all
Chapter 23* Support Protocols and Technologies (arp, icmp, dhcp, nat) all
Chapter 24 UDP: Datagram Transport Service all
Chapter 25 TCP: Reliable Transport Service 25.1-4, 25.12 (full coverage in CS75)
Chapter 26 Internet Routing and Routing Protocols
Part V Other Networking Concepts & Technologies
Chapter 27 Network Performance (QoS and DiffServ)
Chapter 28 Multimedia and IP Telephony (VoIP)
Chapter 29 Network Security
Chapter 30 Network Management (SNMP)
Chapter 31 Software Defined Networking
Chapter 32 The Internet of Things
Chapter 33 Trends in Networking Technologies and Uses all
*chapters we expect to cover in midterm test