Submitting multiple choice answers to the remote Unix machine

Type your answers in a text file. Your instructor will tell you what name you must give this file. Deposit it into your assignments directory please.

BE SURE to place your answer for each of the questions on a separate line, and on each line to put both the number of the question and thereafter the letter of the answer in lower case.  (That is the answer has to follow, not precede, the question number.) Your answers will be graded by a program. The program will rely on your following these instructions. So, for example, if there were an eighteenth question whose answer were "a," it would not give credit to

18 A




a 18

because in the first case the answer is not in lower case, in the second it's not on the same line, in the third the answer is not after the question number. (Programs are unforgiving things.)

WHERE TO PREPARE YOUR FILE - You could prepare your file directly on the unix server, or on another computer and then transfer it to the server.
You can prepare it directly if you know how to use a unix editor, like vi. If you are comfortable with that, it's the best way. Telnet to the server. Open the editor. Make your entries. Save it to the designated file. You're done.
Or you can prepare it on another computer, a Windows machine at home in many cases I'm sure. Then transfer the resulting file to your assignments directory by using ftp.

BE SURE that the file you submit is a true text file, in the sense that it contains only pure ascii text. Don't submit for example a Word document file. If you prepare your file under Windows, Notepad is the text editor you can safely use because it can't produce anything but text files. I strongly suggest you use Notepad in that case.