Using Alice in the Computer Lab (room B231)

You can find Alice in the Start menu on the computers in the lab, and those in the classroom. In the lab:


Separately, you may wish to install Alice on your own PC. 


If you have Windows 8, Alice version 2.4.1 is recommended. If you have Windows 7, it's Alice version 2.3.5. Download them from here. They come in the form of a zip file. The zip files are fairly big (2.3.5's is 337MB) and the Alice website fairly slow. It takes over an hour. I placed a copy of the 2.3.5 zip file on a server at SMC. If you download it from there, particularly if you do it while at SMC, it will be a lot faster.


My colleague Professor Rogler forwarded to me what one of his student's reported:

"I discovered how to download the program correctly in class. Maybe other mac students would like this info? 

Steps to download Alice 2.3 on MAC correctly (no corrupted files)

1. Go to:
2. Click on "Alice 2.3 for Mac OS X with textbook worlds (625MB)" NOTE: do not click on the current release download file
3. Download will take a while depending on internet speed
4. Drag dmb file onto desktop
4. Double click
5. Click on the drive button that shows up on desktop
6. drag Alice 2.3 icon onto desktop NOT APPLICATIONS
7. press "control" on keyboard and click the icon at the same time
8. click open in the option window
9. continue to open when warning message pops up (after doing this once, you do not have to do it every time to open the program)
10. DONE!"

See also the remarks about obtaining, installing, and running Alice on page 2 of the Alice textbook.