CIPE - Cryptographic IP Encapsulation
2001 - TCP...algorithms
2581 -TCP Congestion Control

CIPE+masquerading mini-HOWTO

A Windows implementation

Titz: ssh+ppp=bad

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CIPE home page

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CIPE is an IP encryption package written by Olaf Titz.

"A packet goes through your interfaces more than one time. In your case, a program sends a TCP packet to Your routing table says to use cipcb0, so the packet goes to cipcb0, but instead of an ethernet circuit board, a program receives it. The program encrypts the packet and then sends it to the real udp IP address and port. The routing table sends this new packet to another interface, perhaps an ethernet board, and then it leaves your system. The opposite happens when packets come back." from a CIPE mailing list messgae by Scott Nelson, March 26, 2002