ssh client alternatives

We use ssh as a connectivity tool. Here are some ssh clients.

If your machine is a linux machine ssh is very likely already installed as a command-line utility. The same for Mac systems. Go to these systems' respective command shells (Mac calls it the terminal) where you have a command line. The command to give is "ssh" (to be used with various suitable arguments and options). The graphical ssh client PuTTY, most commonly used on Windows systems and described below, can just as well be installed and used on a linux system if desired.

If it's a Windows machine you need to install a client because none is likely pre-installed. The most widespread one is PuTTY. There are also a few others. Among them I've used MobaXterm and BitVise, which are good. PuTTY, and most of the others, are graphical.

A particular version of PuTTY useful for portability is portaputty. It's a version of PuTTY that avoids the registry so as to be portable. So, you could carry it around to different computers on a USB flash drive and have your accustomed configuration right there with you instead of in the registry back home.

Here is some description of using these clients.