Assignment - shell script conditional and repetitive execution

Please read Shell Script Conditional and Repetitive Execution Features. Then write a simple shell script program named shellscript2 and deposit it in your "assignments" subdirectory.

Write a script that checks for a password entered from the keyboard. You can model it after this one if you like:

read attempt
while [ "$attempt" != "please" ]
  echo "Sorry, try again"
  read attempt

However add code to it, to change it so that
  1) the password it checks for is "unix" instead of "please" and
  2) if as an incorrect password the user enters "linux" the program will print "linux is wrong but close"

When finished, please put your shellscript2 file into your "assignments" directory under your home directory. It will be graded solely on whether it fulfills the output and behavior requirements above. In other words, I will not examine the code, only run the program and see if it does or does not do what it is supposed to do.