Sort states

You will work with  states.csv It's a comma-separated file with one line for each of the 50 states in the USA. Each line contains a state's abbreviation, name, population, and capital. The first few lines look like this for example:

AR,Arkansas,2117000,Little Rock

Write two sort commands. One of them will sort these lines in alphabetical order according to the state capital. The other will sort them numerically on population, in largest-to-smallest order.

Work in a directory where states.csv is present. Clear the terminal screen. Write and execute the first sort command, but show only the first six lines of its output. Then, write and execute the second, showing the first six lines of output.

With the sort command's options obscured, here is a screenshot of the behavior:

To turn in:

Using appropriate options to the sort command, produce the above screen. Make a screenshot in a file named sortstates.jpg (or .png). Transfer your sortstates.jpg screenshot file to your assignments directory.